Fora is also a marketplace. Setting up your business in Fora will allow others within the Fora community to find, browse, and shop your business using the Fora mobile app. Go to to set up your business on Fora and to commission us to build your company a customized White Label Fora app today.raph

From the perspective of your customer or your trading partner, the Fora app is the gateway to their own personal marketplace. Only businesses that have received or requested and accepted their invitation will be listed, giving them a quick and easy access to the information the business sent them, browse products and make purchases on their smartphone.

  • Brand Awareness: Gives your business the advantage of having its own identity on your customer’s smartphone
  • Easy Access to Your Business: a single tap on the Fora app will take your customer to your shop versus having to open a web browser and type in your URL. With the website click-through feature, a single click can redirect your customer to your website and log them in (if credentials are available)
  • Supports multiple customer groups for target marketing and social sharing
  • Supports multiple product pricings, selling units and order minimums
  • Supports multiple languages and currencies
  • Supports live Inventory information, coupon and discount management
  • Integrated messaging capability for pre-sales and post-sales feedbacks and customer service
  • Real-Time Updates: Push notification to attract your customer’s attention on flash sales and updates
  • Native Apps: Built for the iOS and Android (not a web App) platform with intuitive design for superb user experience
  • Instant transmissions: Real time data transfer including products, orders, and payment
  • Content Editor: Preview draft content on the smartphone prior to publication
  • Safe Payment: Secured tokenized payment for processing credit card at point of purchase or later when goods are shipped
  • Built-in Analytics: Provides insights on trends to aid with product selection and campaign