Fora Support

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How do I set up my Business on Fora?

How do setup a White Label Fora account for my business?

Where to download Fora on my smartphone?

Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download the Fora app for free. The Fora app is listed under “Fora – My Marketplace” by Logiciel, Inc. You can also ask a Fora business to send you an invite to shop via their business profile. 

How do I notify my customers that my business is on Fora?

Go to the “Customer & Invite” module to send your customers an invitation or take out your own short code and keyword and tell your customers to text your keyword to the short code to receive the link to download the app.

How will people find my business on Fora?

Fora is a marketplace platform, if you flagged to list your business in the Marketplace then Fora users can find you by your business name, the industry that you are engaging in and products that you carry. Your customers can also tell others about your business on Fora by requesting an invitation to shop your business be sent to their friend. 

How does Fora handle credit card transaction's?

All credit card processing is handled by our credit card processing partner Vantiv ( Vantiv is certified as compliant with all current credit card associations’ security initiatives. Credit card transactions are tokenized and Fora does not store any of your credit card information.

We don’t charge customer’s credit card at point-of-purchase but when merchandise is shipped, how Fora handles this type of transactions. You can set up your system to charge card at the point-of-purchase or charge the card later. As all credit card transactions are tokenized, you can simply retrieve the order and charge the card for what you ship. Fora supports making multiple payments to an order.

How do update the Fora App?

Fora for business is a web-based solution so you are always on the latest version.
For the Fora App running on your smartphone, go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to check and download the latest update if available.

Can I merge multiple Fora Accounts?

Yes, use the “Link my Fora Account” feature on the side menu of your Fora app to enter the Fora accounts you wish to link.

Can I share my favorite merchant with friends, family, and colleagues?

Yes, as a Fora user you can form Fora Group and invite others to join your group. Group members will share your credentials, as well as likes and cart items with merchants.

Is there a user’s manual?

Yes, a User Guide is available online accessible from your web Portal main menu.