Mobile Sales Order Solutions
Backend Modules

The leading trade show and showroom management and order scanning solution designed for businesses writing orders in a trade show environment.

TradeShow32 assists you every step of the way to ensure maximum efficiency and success at every trade show: from planning the show, selecting the merchandise, bar coding your samples to writing to printing out sales orders using a Motorola Windows-based handheld device or an Apple iPad. Sales orders and new customer information can be forwarded electronically to your home office for processing and fulfillment.


A full-featured sales representative management software designed to complement your existing back office system to increase sales team productivity

SalesRep32 offers a comprehensive set of management tools to assist you from account and territory assignment, commission and performance tracking to data communication between you and your outside sales force. Out in the field, SalesRep32 empowers your sales team with the latest in mobile computing, putting the needed functionalities and critical customer, product and supply chain data right at their fingertips using a Windows-based PDA or an Apple iPad.


RepGroup32 gives you the tools to manage your vendors and their products, your sales team and their accounts, payment received to commission payouts, and the data communication between you and your sales teams. The reporting capabilities give you the needed information to analyze the performance of your vendors, accounts, territories and your sales team for opportunities and areas that need attention. RepGroup32 comes with all the features of TradeShow32 and SalesRep32, with an added focus on the needs of your sales organization.


A communication server module designed to provide real-time transmission and unattended 24/7 receiving and processing of orders to/from your outside sales force.

With ComServer32, your outside sales team can submit order wherever they have access to the internet and the order will be downloaded and processed automatically. Your sales team can also request updated customer and product information and their requests will be processed and delivered unattended via the internet.

Mobile - Software

The MSO Mobile software module provides all order entry functionalities on a mobile device (Motorola Windows-based PDA and Apple iPad) and gives your sales representatives instant access to customer, product and operational information when they need them. Barcode scanning ensures fast and accurate order entry and frees up time for better customer service and increase sales.

MobileRep – For Microsoft Windows Mobile Platform deployed as part of the MSO back-end module.

iMobileRep – For Apple iPad available for free download from the Apple App store.

Mobile - Device

Microsoft Windows Mobile – Zebra (Motorola) Microsoft Windows Mobile PDA – Call for model and configuration

Apple iOS – iPad (full size or mini) plus Socket HandScan barcode scanner (optional for barcode scanning) – call for the model.