MSO Support

Call 510-261-1100 or Email
Office hours Monday – Friday 9 AM – 6 PM PST
After hours or weekend, call 510-261-1100 Ext 801 to leave a message for call back the next business day.
If you are using our Mobile Sales Order (MSO) Solutions and know you are going to a Trade Show, call us 2 weeks in advance to let us know and ask for after hour tech support cell number.
After hours support available to current subscriber are billable at $50 per 15 minutes increment.


How do I check for and update my program?

Back-end Software (TradeShow32, SalesRep32 and RepGroup32)

You can check and initiate program update from within the MSO program using the “Auto Download Update” icon on your MSO screen or you can use the MSO Dashboard program to do it. Here is a link to download the dashboard program (

You should check for program update regularly to make sure you are always running the latest version of MSO

Mobile Device software

MobileRep for the Windows Platform (PDA) – All updates for MobileRep are deployed together with the back-end software update. Connect your PDA using the cradle to your computer and use Microsoft – Mobile Device Sync Center to Sync update to your PDA

iMobileRep for the iOS Platform (iPad) – Go to the Apple App store on your iPad and tap the “Updates” icon to check and download the update if available.

How to download and install another copy of MSO program on a new computer?

Download the MSO dashboard program ( to your new computer and use it to download and install the MSO program.

Before starting the installation make sure you are log in as Administrator; changed the User Account Control Settings to “Never notify” and disable all Anti-Virus software.

Is there a user’s manual?

Yes, as part of the installation a user’s manual is auto-installed under the Program files or Program files (x86) > Logiciel TradeShow32 > Manual

What is the minimum requirement for the computer?

Running Windows 10 or Windows 7 Professional with service pack 1, Intel i7 processor, 8 GB RAM and with Ethernet Adapter.

Which Wireless Access Point should we use?

We recommend the Apple AirPort Extreme or the AirPort Express if the area of coverage is small – less than 10 x 40 booth, supporting less than 5 users. Have the unit ship to us for set up to work with your MSO system.

Which iPad model should I use to run iMobileRep and what configuration?

iMobileRep runs on any current model iPad mini, iPad and the iPad-Pro. If it is just to run iMobileRep 16GB RAM is sufficient and you don’t need a cellular plan.

Does iMobileRep work on iPhone?

No, iMobileRep runs only on iPad (Full size or Mini). We find the larger format of the iPad provides the best viewing experience for order writing and product presentation.

Is there an Android version of iMobileRep for MSO?

No, only for Apple iOS.

Where to download iMobileRep – for my iPad?

Go to the Apple App store to search and download “iMobileRep – Logiciel MSO app” by Logiciel Inc for free.